Cognitive behavioural therapy for Adults with ADHD


Cognitive behavioural therapy for Adults with ADHD
Antonia Dittner, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

This half day will be held on Thursday 25th July at the University of Manchester during the BABCP Annual Conference. The workshop will be available in person or online.

Delegates registered to attend the full conference in person or online or have registered for a day registration on 25th July can attend this workshop. Delegates who only wish to register for this workshop independently of attending the conference can join online by using this link.

The workshop presents a cognitive-behavioural approach to formulation and treatment of ADHD in adults. It will consider some of the challenges for individuals with ADHD in accessing CBT and how to adapt the style and content to overcome them. It will cover techniques to address core symptoms of the condition as well as adaptations that can be helpful when using CBT to treat common mental health problems in adults with ADHD.

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