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The Keynote talks will be given on Wednesday 24th,  Thursday 25th & Friday 26th July.

Stephen Barton, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Is complexity in the eye of the beholder?

Katherine Berry, University of Manchester, UK
How attachment theory can inform therapy and mental health care for adults.

Jaime Delgadillo, University of Sheffield, UK
Personalising therapy for patients who don’t respond well to routinely delivered CBT

Richard Hastings, University of Warwick, UK
Is Positive Behavioural Support Effective?

Mark Hayward, University of Sussex, UK
The experience of hearing distressing voices: Daring to talk back!

Rachel Hiller, University College London, UK
Hard-to-reach children or hard-to-reach services? Meeting the trauma-related mental health needs of care-experienced young people.

Colette Hirsch, King’s College London, UK
Looking on the bright side: a key role for interpretation

Lalitha Iyadurai, University of Oxford and P1vital, UK
Developing an innovative treatment for trauma memories: a research journey through the NHS, academia and industry

Farooq Naeem, University of Toronto, Canada
CBT and Culture

Tom Osborn, Shamiri Institute, Kenya

Ailsa Russell, University of Bath, UK
ACBT: A is for autism, adapting and accessibility, CBT is for everyone

Jessica Schleider, Northwestern University, US
Leveraging Single-Session Interventions to Democratize Access to Mental Health Care

Louise Sharpe, University of Sydney, Australia
Horses for courses? Cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness in the management of pain

Bethany Teachman, University of Virginia, US
Using Technology to Change Anxious Thinking and Regulate Emotions

Polly Waite, University of Oxford, UK
Understanding and treating anxiety disorders in adolescence

Ed Watkins, University of Exeter, UK
Dismantling and disseminating cognitive-behavioural therapy for depression and rumination